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Cafe and Party Food Made Fresh To Order

Great Range of Healthy Options

We can cater to your specific needs.


To ensure we can provide the safest possible enviroment for your children we adhere to Aust. food handling guidelines and provide a controlled enviroment for all our customers.


 Please be assured that we have extensive experience catering to specific allergies and have a fantastic range of Allergy Friendly Foods. If you have any concerns please contact our playcentre before your visit so we can discuss your individual needs.


Customer Review that was sent to the Diamond Valley Leader Newspaper


I wanted to write to tell you about a fantastic experience that I had recently at 'Rare Bears' in Eltham.


I am a mother of 3. My eldest child whom is 6 years old has severe food allergies and may suffer anaphylaxis if she consumes any of her allergens. She has had food allergies to egg, nuts, dairy, sesame, chickpea and shellfish from even before starting solids. Her sensitivity to these foods will cause an immediate rash if she touches a surface that has had an allergen on it, even if we can't see it.


Going to any birthday party is always a stressful one for me. Here is my story…


Birthday party, play center, no outside food. 


Sending the RSVP to my childs friends mother, I nervously thought about what food I would bring for her to the play center. I knew from past experience that outside food was not permitted. I was prepared for a fight, as always. 


But to my surprise my expectations were totally surpassed. So much so that I have to commend 'Rare Bears' and it's staff in Eltham. Not only were they able to cater for allergy kids, as a general rule they have removed artificial colours and flavors from the food they use. Their fairy bread was dairy free!


The owner Adam Zeliff spoke in length to me about how they deal with food for kids with allergies. I was totally surprised as I had never experienced this level of concern for allergy kids in my experience over the last 6 years.


They have a separate fryer that is used only for allergy safe foods. Different work area, utensils and dishes specifically for food preparation so there is no cross contamination. The staff even change aprons to prepare the food! 


I was able to be given a tour of the kitchen. Even the freezer had separate sections for allergy safe food. 


They even attempt to get the same type of food for the allergy kids (even though it costs more) so they don't feel 'left out' or 'different' because of their food allergies. Adam had chips, nuggets and cocktail sausages that were suitable for my daughter. 


Even birthday cake was taken care of! Allergy friendly cookies made by Tamara McKellar. Dairy free, egg free and gluten free sorbet as well.


Allergy kids did not miss out and I didn't have to open the lunchbox that I had prepared even once! 


They had Gluten free, dairy free, nut free, sesame free, egg free options in addition to their other food. I was amazed! In my 6 yrs of dealing with allergies and eating out this is the first time I was totally comfortable and NOT stressed. AND didn't have to argue or justify my need to bring food from home into their establishment. 


Actually something that really stood out for me was at the same time they were preparing allergy safe food for my daughter they received an order for a hamburger with egg. Instead of making the requested order at the same time they advised the patron that it would take a little longer as they were in the middle of preparing a meal for a child with anaphylaxis. I couldn't believe it! They were very careful not to contaminate her food during the preparation process. AMAZING!!


I am aware of the laws about bringing food into somewhere that provides food. Health and safety. My highest recommendation to Rare Bears, kids play center in Eltham.


Adam and his staff were friendly. Adam certainly knows his stuff!


His knowledge, training and resources made me feel safe.


He had these allergy cards that I had never seen before ( and I wish that more establishments that serve food would also have them on hand to train their staff.


So well done to Rare Bears in Eltham, I know where our next birthday celebration will be!


Kind regards



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